History of Gift Circles

The Gift Circle history:  It all started in 2009 when we held a five-day seminar with Charles Eisenstein called Seeding the Gift Culture at a retreat center outside of Ashland.  The event catalyzed or “seeded” great learning for all of us as we experienced stretching socially into deeper gifting potential.  Some months later we were delighted to learn that one of the men there, Alpha Lo, co-author of Open Source Collaboration, distilled the experience into a social invention he dubbed the “Gift Circle.” In his newly minted model, people gather each week and take the time to go around the circle and each one says what they want or need, such as house cleaning, dog walking, tutoring or a ride to the airport.  This allows the others to give a gift to meet the unique need. As Alpha’s group of people in their 20s to 30s connected week after week then began to form a more bonded community in the SF Bay area. Inspired by Alpha’s local experiment, gift circles have now spread to the Midwest, East coast and even Africa.

Here is a video of Alpha Lo sharing just what a Gift Circle is and how it works

This site has the written details of a gift circle.

Our friend Kevin May’s video on how to run your gift Gift Circle:


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