Our Beliefs

Because many of the beliefs of the old culture no longer serve us as social beings, we hold these premises as essential in establishing a stable tribe or family of choice. Our work & book is rooted in these beliefs.

  • Humans most want love, family, friends and community.
  • Staying in place is essential to the possibility of any real tribe of community.
  • We learn to love and trust those with whom we spend the most time.
  • We prefer a limited number of deep, close friends rather to many acquaintances.
  • Commitments help build long lasting relationships and community.
  • We can proactively choose the tribe we feel best with.
  • A relationship with the energies of the Great Mystery informs our work.
  • Women and men can feel truly safe with each other, when transparency and clear boundaries exit.
  • Knowing and bonding with each other comes from on the amount of quality time spent together.
  • Forming a mutual safety net feels ever more important in our current social and economic uncertainty.
  • Once authentically happy, each of us will move towards creating the new world.
  • We see the needs, and feel called to serve, in the co-creation of a new culture that honors all life.

Context: This brief video by Charles Eisenstein author of Sacred Economics, reflects much of our work—

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