New Tribe Training – How to Craft a More Beautiful Life Together – May 21-25, 2014


Friends,  We have learned so much in the last few years building our local TRIBE, that we’re now eager to teach you step by step how to find your very own tribe!  Please see the flyer and other info below for details.  If you are ready and truly want deep, long term community in your life, do call us or send us a note!

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New Tribe Training – How to Craft a More Beautiful Life Together
An Advanced Community Building Retreat

May 21-25, 2014

with Bill Kauth & Zoe Alowan
Buckhorn Springs – Ashland, Oregon

This retreat is for people ready and longing for that long-term, bonded community of people, we call tribe. This opens the possibility for your local face-to-face tribe to be all men, all women or both. This new tribe is designed to deepen love and intimacy in your life as well as create a safety net to navigate rapidly changing times. We learn by doing – experiencing the ways of the tribe; the values, skills and needed structure. The non-residential model (everyone has their own home) we have developed will catalyze great joy and save you a decade of struggle attempting to learn what we now have to share.

Our intention:  We want everyone to experience tribe and return home having learned exactly how to build your own. It will include how to find the people, invite them and facilitate the “orientation and initiation” process we have developed for entering the tribe. Each will know how to hold the “liminal space” of deep intimacy and create beautiful ceremony to mark the passages into tribe.

Participants will:

  • Learn the skills of building long-term personal community (tribe).
  • Explore deep trust between men and women in your tribe.
  • Enjoy deep presence/intimacy and replicate it.
  • Grow your tribe membership in a loving way.
  • Experience emergence into Gift Culture.

Place: We will gather at Buckhorn Springs a peaceful, rustic retreat center just a few miles outside of Ashland.  It’s a beautiful place nestled in a small valley with a year-round creek, old oaks, ponderosa pines, tall aromatic cedars and open meadows. We prefer that all stay on-site.

Buckhorn Springs Per Person Fee: $456 for meals, lodging & gratuities. (four nights, five days)

Costs & Reciprocity:  We offer this retreat as a gift.  At the end we invite a monetary gift contribution to support ourselves and our work.

Information: Apply by phone Zoe or Bill at 541-482-2335 or contact us here.


“You can take people out of the tribe, but you can’t take tribe out of people.”      Lets take a look at how this archetypical quality of tribe, which lives in all of us, can flow beautifully into our current world.

NEW PARADIGM = NEW TRIBE:  Allow us to offer a map to give you an in depth sense of how “new tribe” fits into the larger picture.  The human evolutionary process has taken us from tribal hunter-gatherers to urban competitive creatures, with ever greater speed. Now, we are entering a new global worldview, and our “new tribe” work leaps the fine line. The ManKind Project (MKP) and similar women’s “inner work” guides people from #4 & 5 to #6, then after some years in support-groups they somehow “leap” across that line into the “neo-tribal” possibility.  See this as an evolutionary “world-view” map.

SD map

This “leap” is often called the paradigm shift where everything changes because one now includes all past worldviews. Here we move beyond linear cause and effect into synchronicity, the “field” or simply the miracle. Here war ends because we can see and appreciate the human journey and all the people who struggled with their evolving process. Here we see that cooperation simply works so much better for everyone than competition. This is the new culture coming into being.

Notice also how the world-views alternate from “individual” (odd #s) to “community” (even #s) and we keep moving from simple to complex. Our retreat will explore the neo-tribal #8, which barely exists at this time on planet earth. We can not go back to tribal #2 or authoritarian #4, we have become too complex to go back. Many of us grew up in the Humanistic era #6, and now we take on the challenge to build our new “tribes” #8 which includes all we have learned before and moving into the unknown. Join us in this amazing experiment!

“The loss of community is a defining crisis of our time. I’m grateful that
Bill and Zoe are applying their extraordinary skills as healers and social
inventors to building intimate tribe as the old world unravels.”
Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics & The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

“Hands on, sensory rich, brimming with evocative and practical ideas for making and sustaining community, this book (We Need Each Other) is a seedbed for growing the necessary new culture if we are going to survive and enhance life in this most challenging of times.”
Jean Houston, Ph.D.,
visionary activist, teacher and author.


Our Definition of Gift Tribe:  A group of people who are formally committed to each other, share specific values, meet regularly and hold each other as priority.  We become each-others best friends, social safety net and extended family.

Some Premises on Tribe:

Tribe is the essential social unit.

Tribe helps us know who we are and want to be.

Tribe is place, location as who I am

Tribe connects us constantly from many points

Tribe becomes who I am

Tribe is feeling safe and abundant

The first communities of humans were not families, but tribes. The tribe, not the family is our basic social unit. The human family is embedded in tribal community. The tribe is an integral part of our human social existence that lies beyond recorded history. It is archetypal and it lives in us all. For most of human history we have been tribal beings, and as such knew our “selves” only as tribe, not as separate identities.  To be cast out of tribe was to die.  Then something dramatic changed.

Just in the last several centuries, a majority of humans developed an identity separate from the tribe – we might call this a “separate self identity.”  We have come to call this “ego” as people became distinguishable from the tribe.  With this new separate identity they could feel limitations and constriction of the tribe and could decide to act separately from it.  They could even leave. 

In order for humankind to evolve, this differentiation in consciousness needed to happen.  However, as humans became more and more individualized, many went beyond the realm of autonomy into isolation and alienation.  This painful loneliness came to seem normal, until the next expansion into a new form, which both transcends and includes the traditional tribal ways.  We call this never before known, neo-tribal social form a “Gift Tribe” in which people consciously choose each other and bond as tribe.

“You don’t need everybody, just your tribe!”  Seth Godin

“As your own dreams materialize, I suspect you will come to know that you don’t need much.  Just your tribe, your inner guidance, and the evidence that tells you that you really can create a magnificent life.“                 Martha Beck

Why “Gift” tribe at this time?  Tribes have leaders who represent and articulate a vision and identity that resonates with certain others.  Churches, businesses, sports and politics often filled this tribal role by providing myths and some bonding function.  However many of us now want a significantly new story and trust ourselves to co-create it, in close collaboration with our tribe.  The old story of “fear and scarcity” is giving way to “love and sufficiency” as together we create our new life together.  Join us in this adventure. Contact us!

Bridging Retreat 2012 Group photo
Our 2012 Gift Community tribe at Buckhorn Springs

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