As we suggested on the home page, building your tribe sounds easy, however we found it complex and challenging.  For you to feel this and the value found in our book, allow us to ask you some questions.

Let’s assume you want a loving, bonded, committed tribe:  Who would start it?

How would the members be chosen? 

Would you all have shared values?  What values? 

What commitments might you make to each other? 

How often would you meet? 

Who gets to pick new members?

How would new members be gracefully brought in? 

How would you make it truly safe for both men and women? 

What might be your shared purpose?

These are some of the questions we grappled with for many years.  Our answers make up much of the “How-To” section of the book. We spent a lot of time “failing forward” learning what does not work and yes, also the stuff that works quite well.  We’re eager to share our hard earned “wisdom” with you.

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