6 year-old Sabina promotes Gift Circles – from the heart!


Friends, we are seeing a potent interest in Gift Community!!

Last year, one of the stops on our seminar tour was a town in Northern California, where we used a room at the local co-op for 30 people and 60 showed up.  One of those people came with her dad and a painted on wolf face, which sure delighted me.

GV 2011 seminar photo 1Well, the meeting led to a “Gift Circle” in that town. Recently, Andrei, the dad sent us a note saying: “I thought you might really enjoy this short video clip of our 6 year old daughter Sabina, after we had just attended our local Gift Circle.”  The simple truth she spoke about “Gift Community” went viral very quickly with well over 100,000 hits.  We want you to see it!!  Enjoy!

The sheer innocent beauty of Sabina’s clarity and intention sure touched our hearts.  Note how she understands that “…people get what they need, and don’t have to pay, and exchange hugs or money, whatever works as long as it is from the heart.”

We believe that this is where the world is going, as the old systems transition. Please join
us in our “Gift Community” movement.  It’s what we all want, let us build the
new Gift Culture!

Warm blessings,
Bill & Zoe

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